Charitable Choice

The Charitable Choice Handbook for Ministry Leaders

This guide covers all the basics: what CC is (and isn't); what your ministry needs to know about it; how to assess whether government funding is for you; and how to navigate the relationship with government should you decide to pursue funding. The Handbook's advice is based on both Dr. Sherman's personal experience as the former director of a church-based urban ministry and her national research on the implementation of Charitable Choice. It includes answers to frequently asked questions; a copy of the Code of Conduct for Faith-Based Organizations receiving government funding; and a resource appendix.

 Charitable Choice

Establishing a Church-based, Welfare-to-Work Mentoring Ministry: A Practical "How-To" Manual

This manual helps churches understand both the Biblical mandate for ministry among the needy and the benefits that accrue to congregations that engage in relational, holistic ministry. The tips and how-to advice in the manual are based on lessons learned from effective church-based mentoring programs around the country.

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life, formerly The Jobs Partnership, has produced this toolkit to enable its successful job readiness course to be easily replicated by churches and faith-based organizations across the nation. Although the Jobs for Life model is currently being implemented at roughly twenty cities, this toolkit will enable thousands more unemployed and underemployed individuals to gain not only skills that will help them find a job, but to learn Biblical principles that will enable them to live healthy and productive lives. The 16-week training course is designed to be a combination of classroom instruction and individual and group application activities. To order, contact Jobs for Life at 888-408-1565 or visit them on the web.

Self Assessing Ministry

Toolkit for Self-Assessing Your Ministry

This toolkit is designed for directors of faith-based organizations who wish to lead their staff, board, and/or volunteers through an intentional process of internal self-assessment. This evaluation system assists organization leaders and stakeholders in assessing whether their programs and policies are “on track” with their mission and philosophy of ministry.


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