The Center on Faith in Communities offers numerous resources to assist church leaders and laity in starting or enhancing their community ministries. In this section of our website, you will find tools and advice, how-to publications, curriculum, information on effective ministry models, and other materials. [Please Note: Sharing God's Heart for the Poor, as well as our manuals and case studies are NOT available for online purchase. If you are interested in purchasing anything seen on our site, please call our office at 434.293.5656].

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CFIC seeks to help church leaders develop and implement effective compassion ministries in their communities. We have found that an important first step is growing the congregation’s heartfelt conviction that the work of mercy and justice is central to the Christian’s walk of faith…

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CFIC offers a number of practical “toolkit” materials—tutorials, downloadable forms, hand-outs—on a variety of program topics including evaluation, volunteers, and youth ministry, among others…


Dr. Sherman has written in-depth how-to manuals for church-based mentoring and job training programs as well as a handbook on government-faith collaboration…


CFIC researchers have gone on-site at numerous faith-based ministries to observe, evaluate and counsel. Our case studies offer in-depth program descriptions and analysis…

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The Center on Faith in Communities office is committed to providing practical, relevant assistance to Christian ministry practitioners. To accomplish this, we offer three forms of technical assistance…

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