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"Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good," Crosswalk.com, (February 2011)

Creating " Fearless Influencers of Society," Prism, Fall 2010.

"No Such Thing As A Free Loan: The Truth About Payday Lending and What Some Christians Are Doing About It," Prism, 2010

"The Church on a Justice Mission," Books and Culture (July/August 2010)

“Partnership in PracticeAmerican Outlook (Spring, 2004)

“Loving Our Neighbor’s WelfareThe Enrichment (Spring, 2004)

“Good News from the Hispanic ChurchBooks & Culture (July, 2004)

“Small Groups at a Large Scale: A California nonprofit creates a poverty-beating networkPhilanthropy (September/October 2003)

“Faith in Communities: A Solid InvestmentSociety (Jan-Feb 2003)

“Lessons of W-2American Outlook (Summer, 2002)

“Faith-based UpswingAmerican Outlook (Spring, 2002)

“Should We Put Faith in Charitable Choice?The Responsive Community: Rights and Responsibilities (Fall 2000)

“How Best to Give to the PoorThe Standard (November, 1999)

“How Sharon Baptist Discovered Welfare MinistryChristianity Today (June 14, 1999)

“Transforming Lives By Getting InvolvedGood News (May/June 1999)

“Expectant Giving - hand-up or tough love programs help to address issues that cause homelessnessChristian Century (Feb 24, 1999)

“Fruitful Collaboration is PossibleCongregations (Jan/Feb, 1999)

“Implementing Charitable ChoicePhilanthropy (Jan/Feb, 1999)

“Little Miracles” The American Enterprise (Jan/Feb 1998)

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