Technical Assistance Dept.


The Center on Faith in Communities office is committed to providing practical, relevant assistance to Christian ministry practitioners. To accomplish this, we offer three forms of technical assistance:

Our Frequently Asked Questions section describes common inquiries made to us and provides our responses. The FAQ section also includes links to additional helpful resources

If the answer to your question is not available in the FAQ section, we invite you to use our second form of assistance. You can complete our short Technical Assistance Request Form and submit it to our office. Your request will be analyzed and then directed to the staff member best qualified to respond. If providing the help you need requires a significant amount of staff time, we ask that you agree to complete a brief evaluation form after our technical assistance is provided. (If this is the case, a staff member will contact you.) In most instances, we will respond to your request by email; in some cases, we will provide a free telephone consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office is not equipped to provide advice on local funding opportunities for individual faith-based organizations, nor does the CFIC office respond to requests for financial assistance to FBOs.

For organizations needing more in-depth or on-going technical assistance, we offer a third form of TA: fee-for-service professional consulting (by phone or on-site). Requests for professional consultations by Dr. Amy Sherman can be submitted to info@centeronFIC.org

Book Dr. Sherman for a Speaking Engagement

Dr. Sherman is a frequent speaker at conferences gathering community ministry practitioners. She also leads Board and staff retreats, provides on-site consultations, speaks at church and FBO events such as Mission Conferences, national staff training conferences, and fund-raising banquets, and offers a variety of training workshops on such topics as effective mentoring, church-based neighborhood targeted ministry, fruitful collaborations, and program evaluation, among others. To inquire about Dr. Sherman’s availability to speak at your event, please put your request in writing by completing the Speaking Engagement Request Form.


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